Cleaning and Shipping

What is even more important than buying the right machine in Europe? Making sure the cleaning process and shipping gets done the right way.

Riverside Sales has over a decade experience with shipping machinery to Northern Amerika. We take care of all necessary paperwork, we arrange trucks and boats and try to find the quickest and cheapest way of delivering machinery to our customers.
Most of the machinery we sell gets transported by truck and boat. We can deliver the equipment of your choice to your own yard or the closest seaport in your country.
About 1/3 of the machinery we sell gets shipped overseas by container. We take good care of the goods we load, never a shortage on straps, and make sure you have an easy job unloading also.

Because of the strict policy in the United States and Canada all machinery that comes into a port needs to be spotless clean. This is not a beginners job. Every piece of equipment that leaves our yard is well cleaned. This to prevent our customers in getting delay with shipping and avoiding big fines for bringing in dirty machinery.

Do you have a special request for shipping? Please send us your wishes and we try to find a good solution to your request.